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Upon my return from Armenia in February 1996, I noticed a large lack of accurate information pertaining to Armenia.  I decided to put two e-mails I had written about my trip and the situation at that time, as well as a couple of other bits of information on the 5 megs of free space that came with my internet account.  The address at the time was http://www.netcom.com/~kojian.  Once those pages were up I was constantly thinking of or hearing things that I wanted to add.  8 years and 1000 web pages later, there is still more that I want to add than I can possibly ever get to.  In late 1997 I ran out of space and got moved to a virtual server renaming my site www.cilicia.com, since my grandparents are from Cilicia, a past Armenian crusader state on the Mediterranean.

Current State

With nearly 1000 pages, well over 1000 pictures and hundreds of links, I believe that this is the largest Armenian web site in the world, (news sites may have more pages, but they are archives of old articles).

Future Plans

I am currently working hard on adding a lot of content. I am busy adding vast amounts of tourist information on Armenia and Karabakh with loads of pictures and text. Armenian Language Instruction online, more on Armenian tourism, current articles about Armenians, and Armenian language texts online are projects I am working on now. I am also considering publishing a revised and expanded Rediscovering Armenia guidebook, as well as publishing two other books.


I try to provide new content that is not available on the web, as well as weave in the content of other Armenian sites at the same time to avoid duplication of effort.


Thanks for the hundreds (thousands?) of e-mails with positive comments, and many useful pieces of information people have contributed without which my pages could not have progressed this far. I have made it virtually impossible to email me from the site, so I won't have to feel guilty about not replying, and won't increase the amount of spam I get even more!

Special thanks to Richard Sevadjian for all of his time and encouragement. Vick Khachadourian and Hagop Bedrossian have also been extremely supportive, making a lot of new content possible.

I hope you enjoy my virtual Armenia, 

P.S.  To those who wonder what the n_w$$h means on all of these pages, it is my e-mail handle that I have used for almost ten years now.  If you read Armenian, you will notice that it is a close approximation to how my name would look using the Armenian alphabet.

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